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00-08 Honda S2000 Front Mount Intercooer Kit
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GODSPEED 00-08 HONDA S2000 INTERCOOLER KIT ( 3 year warranty )
  • 4X intercooler piping( Comes with bov flange )
  • 1x intake pipe
  • 6 x silicone
  • 12 x t bolt clamps
  • 1 x spec c intercooler
  • bar & plate design for better cooling efficiency
  • Max horsepower capacity: 400hp+
  • Core length: 24"
  • Core height: 7.5"
  • Core thickness: 3"
  • Inlet / outlet size: 2.25"
  • End to End length: 30"
  • PRODUCT ID# 75340

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    GODSPEED Intercooler improve both the efficiency and power of any turbocharged application by rapidly reducing inherent heat levels of the compressed intake air charge before entering the engine. By utilizing a special BAR and PLATE full aluminum design, the intercooler acts as a large heat exchanger that dissipates the heat generated by the compression of the intake charge without creating reductions in boost pressure or response. As the pressurized air is channeled through the thin tubes of the intercooler core, that are filled with internal radiating fins, cool ambient air rushes through the front of the core, where the external radiating bar and plate draw out the heat. This heat transfer decreases the likelihood of detonation by reducing the inlet temperatures and maximizes power output by increasing the density of the air inlet charge, therefore increasing overall hp levels as the intake charge is now cooler and denser. Boost response and airflow is also often improved from the intercooler upgrades larger flow capacity and cooling efficiency. GODSPEED intercoolers are designed to give maximum cooling capacity while allowing for minimal pressure drop. This is especially important if boost pressure is being raised, greatly reducing the chance of detonation. GODSPEED intercoolers has been known as the most efficient intercooler with a pressure drop of .05kg/cm2 at 1.2kg/cm2 of boost. 3 YEARS WARRANTY ON ALL INTERCOOLER PRODUCT (professional installation only)
      drew  -   02-07 Subaru WRX Coilover System- Type-RS   (San Francisco,califo)
    great coils, ive had mine on full stiffness since ive bought them which was about 8 months ago and there still solid, highly recommend these
      Josh A.  -   (Hayward, CA)
    great coilover suspension for the price i paid. car rides better than my old tokico set up.
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