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Neuspeed Drilled Brake Rotor For Volkswagen Golf 2007-2008
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  • Axle :Rear
  • Position :Left
  • PRODUCT ID# 62892

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    NEUSPEED rotors are designed with a unidirectional pattern, therefore, each rotor kit consists of a left and right unit. After machining, all rotors are balanced to within one gram, and then black cadmium plated for rust protection and a show-quality appearance. NEUSPEED continues to set the pace in import performance with its line of cross-drilled rotors. Each rotor receives an engineered hole pattern designed to achieve maximum cooling, safety and minimum brake pad wear. All machine work is performed on a CNC milling machine to a precise pattern, so you get a product with the highest quality. We eliminate the sharp edges from ordinary drilling, which causes rapid pad wear by using a special tool that makes a radius on the outer edge of the hole. The bottom of this radius also denotes the wear limit of the rotor, so you can easily check on its condition. NEUSPEED Brake Rotors are Sold Individually ??PER ROTOR??
      Henry H.  -   (Tucson, AZ)
    This Neuspeed exhaust for my Jetta is incredible! Now my car sound so good and it is not too loud.
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