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Neuspeed Hydraulic Camshaft For Volkswagen Corrado 1990-1992
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  • 453 LIFT 276 DURATION
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    Add some extra power to your VW! In fact, add 10-12 horsepower by dropping a NEUSPEED Cam into your VW. The NEUSPEED Cam gives you a strong pull all the way through the powerband into the fun zone. All NEUSPEED Sport Cams are produced and finished exclusively for NEUSPEED by a leading camshaft manufacturer in the original special chilled cast iron. This German metallurgy makes them completely compatible with OEM lifters and springs from VW. (You??ll never have to worry about expensive premature lobe or lifter wear!) Each camshaft is custom ground for the type of high-performance street driving you want without the sacrifice of driveability. NEUSPEED cams feature the best horsepower and torque curve, and a good idle (about 950rpm). Many months of dyno, race and road testing go into each and every cam design to bring you the very best quality in street and high-performance cams.
      Henry H.  -   (Tucson, AZ)
    This Neuspeed exhaust for my Jetta is incredible! Now my car sound so good and it is not too loud.
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