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SUSTEC PRO FIVE Coilovers-06-06 Lexus GS300 2WD
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  • A Set of Complete Coilver Kit (4)
  • Spring Rates F/R:8.0 / 9.0
  • Height Adj. F/R:0~-2 1/8 in / +3/8~-2 in
  • Lowering data may differ slightly with each application
  • all spring rates are measured in kg/mm
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    Sustec Pro FIVE is an all new adjustable coilover suspension that features a wide array of all new circuit developed technology that is similar to Tanabe's Sustec Pro SEVENS. Sustec Pro FIVE delivers broad performance for the track to the streets. Featuring 12-way(16-way with TEAS) front & rear adjustment, FIVE allows drivers to fine tune height, dampening and rebound based on street conditions and driver preference. The new slide valve technology allows a great range of adjustability and function for street and track use. When used with the new TEAS electronic active suspension controller, the wide range of dampening force is accessible through the touch of a button, and is fully programmable to automatically adjust dampening rates according to the speed you drive.
      Mark F.  -   Tanabe DF210 Lowering Spring-00-05 Lexus IS300 (JCE10L)   (St. Louis, MO)
    I am riding this spring with my stock shocks and it feels just right. The spring is not stiff like my previous spring set. Thanks Ilovebodykits
    jon@ilovebodykits.com sales@ilovebodykits.com Business Hour: Mon - Fri 9AM - 5PM Sat,Sun Closed
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