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O-Nex Xenon 9004 9007 35W DC Ballast HID Kit
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  • HID Kit Includes:

  • - Xenon HID Bulbs (Pair)
  • - Digital DC Ballasts (Pair)
  • - Wiring and Connectors (Pair)
  • - Straps/Ties

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  • - Provides increased contrast and color depth allowing drivers to see objects with less eyestrain and fatigue.
  • - Illuminate reflective paint in road markers and signs, enabling drivers to navigate routes easier.
  • - Durable, reliable and require significantly less maintenance for the life of the vehicle.
  • - Can operate for approximately 2500 hours in an automotive application compared to 1000 hours for halogen headlights.
  • - Are much less sensitive to shock and vibration than halogen headlamps, since they do not have the coil filaments used in halogen bulbs.
  • - Use approximately 25 percent less power than halogen headlights.
  •   K Nguyen  -   O-Nex Xenon H8 H9 H11 35W DC Ballast HID Kit   (Wichita, KS)
    i use to think it was retarded when people would drive around with there HID headlights on all of the time.... now i do it too LOLOL
      Roark91  -   O-Nex Xenon 9006 35W DC Ballast HID Kit   (Providence, RI)
    i can see!! these things are intense
      A Cooper  -   O-Nex Xenon 9004 9007 35W DC Ballast HID Kit   (Victorville, CA)
    Headlights flickered.. had to buy relay harness.. other than that they work great.
      BerettaM9  -   O-Nex Xenon CANBUS HID Kit   (Kinney, TX)
    If you have a newer vehicle, especially European, you have to spend a little extra money on one of these CANBUS kits. Ive been through several other types of HID kits and my lights would flicker, or one side wouldnt turn on, and I would get the warning light on my dash. As soon as I installed this kit, my problems were gone. I\'m very happy with this kit - MUCH brighter than any of the other kits Id previously purchased.
      Stephanie  -   O-Nex Xenon CANBUS HID Kit   (TN)
    WOW.. people high beam me all the time because they think I got the brights on.. haha.. super bright!
      Shane49  -   O-Nex Xenon H1 35W DC Ballast HID Kit   (Elko, NV)
      C Hayden  -   O-Nex Xenon H1 35W DC Ballast HID Kit   (Riverside, CA)
    Amazing deal.. darn good product. SIGNIFICANTLY brighter. Only hiccup was a bad ballast which was replaced - replacement left the same day I called in.
      DeltaRomeo  -   O-Nex Xenon H1 35W DC Ballast HID Kit   (Bristol, CT)
    It only took a few days for the lights to arrive, a few minutes to install, and a split second to turn night into day. Very pleased.
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