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NRG Coilover Hi Low Kit 97-01 Honda Prelude
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The ultimate upgrade for your vehicle? suspension. NRG Innovations competition coilover kits feature full adjustability, through the utilization of dual reservoir damper design with 4-way settings and a 30mm damper shaft. These dampers are designed with the best reliability and performance in mind. Pre-valved for spring rates up to 22kg/mm. These units also feature your choice of spring rates from 4kg-22kg exceeding SAE standards for anti-sag design. 3 height perches allow ride height to be adjusted without altering spring rates.


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NRG Innovations, created 2003 by a group of enthusiasts highly in-tune with the performance aftermarket. NRG Innovations has caught the attention of racers throughout the import and domestic markets. Whatever the event: drag racing, circuit, autocross, time-attacks, rally and whatever the style: Drag, drift, grip, or tarmac. Look to NRG Innovations and its subdivisions to maintain the cutting edge in keeping your vehicles competitive in the racing world. “No-Tune, No-Life”

Since then, NRG Innovations has grown almost at an exponential level. To a point where it has had to relocate to a larger, better facility. NRG now boasts a variety of new parts and accessories, even the new ability to test and fabricate high-level suspension parts and tuning. Now not just limited to high end steering and interior accessories, NRG Innovations strives to reach new heights while still maintaining its original focus and goals.

  Philip C.  -   NRG Quick Release Hub GEN 3.0 (Silver Body w/ Silver Ring)   (Saltville, VA)
Great looking quick release hub- look much better than my old gen 1.5.
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