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O-Nex Xenon CANBUS HID Kit
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This is arguably the best HID conversion kit out there. Noticeably more light output than other 35W HID kits. The CANBUS ballasts eliminate the need for warning cancellers and relay kits. CANBUS HID kits are best suited for modern high-end vehicles which tend to throw codes/lights when installing lesser quality HID kits.
  • HID Kit Includes:
  • - Xenon HID Bulbs (Pair)
  • - Digital CANBUS AC Ballasts (Pair)
  • - Wiring and Connectors (Pair)
  • - Straps/Ties
  • -Will not flicker or throw error codes
  • -Slim ballast design
  • *Vehicles equipped with dual-filament halogen headlights will receive 2-in-1 bulbs: Xenon low-beam and piggy-back halogen high-beam (as pictured)

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  • - Provides increased contrast and color depth allowing drivers to see objects with less eyestrain and fatigue.
  • - Illuminate reflective paint in road markers and signs, enabling drivers to navigate routes easier.
  • - Durable, reliable and require significantly less maintenance for the life of the vehicle.
  • - Can operate for approximately 2500 hours in an automotive application compared to 1000 hours for halogen headlights.
  • - Are much less sensitive to shock and vibration than halogen headlamps, since they do not have the coil filaments used in halogen bulbs.

  K Nguyen  -   O-Nex Xenon H8 H9 H11 35W DC Ballast HID Kit   (Wichita, KS)
i use to think it was retarded when people would drive around with there HID headlights on all of the time.... now i do it too LOLOL
  Roark91  -   O-Nex Xenon 9006 35W DC Ballast HID Kit   (Providence, RI)
i can see!! these things are intense
  A Cooper  -   O-Nex Xenon 9004 9007 35W DC Ballast HID Kit   (Victorville, CA)
Headlights flickered.. had to buy relay harness.. other than that they work great.
  BerettaM9  -   O-Nex Xenon CANBUS HID Kit   (Kinney, TX)
If you have a newer vehicle, especially European, you have to spend a little extra money on one of these CANBUS kits. Ive been through several other types of HID kits and my lights would flicker, or one side wouldnt turn on, and I would get the warning light on my dash. As soon as I installed this kit, my problems were gone. I\'m very happy with this kit - MUCH brighter than any of the other kits Id previously purchased.
  Stephanie  -   O-Nex Xenon CANBUS HID Kit   (TN)
WOW.. people high beam me all the time because they think I got the brights on.. haha.. super bright!
  Shane49  -   O-Nex Xenon H1 35W DC Ballast HID Kit   (Elko, NV)
  C Hayden  -   O-Nex Xenon H1 35W DC Ballast HID Kit   (Riverside, CA)
Amazing deal.. darn good product. SIGNIFICANTLY brighter. Only hiccup was a bad ballast which was replaced - replacement left the same day I called in.
  DeltaRomeo  -   O-Nex Xenon H1 35W DC Ballast HID Kit   (Bristol, CT)
It only took a few days for the lights to arrive, a few minutes to install, and a split second to turn night into day. Very pleased.
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