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JBA Headers 1994-1998 Dodge Ram Spark Plug Wires - W09509
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  • Juice up your ignition system with a performance set of JBA Spark Plug Wires
  • Custom sized for direct replacement fit
  • Inculdes a complete set of wires for your specific vehicle
  • Their low electrical resistance ensures maximum spark, adding up to 5 hp
  • Wire wound mag conductors shield your JBA Spark Plugs from electro-magnetic interference
  • Wrapped in a pure silicone jacket to ward off heat, knocks and scrapes
  • Specially designed boots give you maximum clearance
  • Thicker size for a sharp look in your engine compartment
  • Your JBA Spark Plug Wires are backed by a 1-year warranty

JBA PowerCables Spark Plug Wires - W09509 (PowerCables Spark Plug Wires)

The recipe for hot performance calls for just three ingredients: air, fuel and fire. Upping the ante on any of these horsepower staples results in even more power, and that’s exactly what you get when you slip on a set of JBA Spark Plug Wires—up to 5 extra hp to be precise.

The difference between JBA Spark Plug Wires and stock wires comes down to resistance. The easier it is for an electrical charge to travel from your coil to your plugs, the stronger the spark and combustion become. JBA Spark Plug Wires are expertly designed to put up less than half the resistance of most OE-wires, giving your engine the power to truly fire on all cylinders.

JBA didn’t stop at just reducing the resistance in your Spark Plug Wires. They added wire wound mag conductors to shield against electro-magnetic interference, wrapped everything up inside a heat-blocking silicone jacket, and finished them off with special boot ends for plenty of clearance even in tight engine compartments. And, they come with a 1-year warranty.

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