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08 09 10 Toyota Highlander Mud Splash Guard Flaps 4 Pc
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08 09 10 Toyota Highlander Mud Splash Guard Flaps 4 Pc

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Item offered: Four Pieces Molded ABS Mud Splash Guard

Item Fitment: Fit Toyota Highlander 08 09 10 , Brand New in Box. No cut no drill. 

Color: Black / Item number:MSG-655

Notes: Installation Hardwares come with item. Easy installation with hand. Steps listed below:

1 Take out the Mud Guards, telling apart four of them to the right position (Left, Right, Rear, Front)

2 Before Install the Mud Guards, tear down the original screws on corresponding parts of your car.

3 Place the Fender board to the corresponding place and coordinate the position to make it be parallel with the outside edge of tire.

4 Using special screws included in the item to twist and tighten them.

Notes: Such as individual model needs to punch holes to make right positions for screws, holes should be punched right or it will influence the installed effect.

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