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Jaguar XK8 XKR 97-06 Mina Peformance Exhaust Muffler
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Jaguar XK8 XKR 97-06 Mina Peformance Exhaust Muffler

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Mina Gallery Peformance Exhaust Muffler XK8 XKR System Quad tips (two tips on each side) or Oval tips (one on each side).

Mina Gallery is proud to feature the first commercially available under the rear axle performance exhaust system. This show quality T304 stainless steel system is as much a work of art as it is a sophisticated performance enhancement.

Quality, durability, safety, performance and sound were the main focuses of this exhaust's development team. The casing, tubing, and tips are fabricated from high quality T304 stainless steel. Unlike other mufflers on the market, this system is polished to a mirror finish from beginning to end. All bends, hanger locations, and welds are computer aided for a perfect symmetrical fit.

This system is designed around your XK. Nothing is universal about this exhaust system. The mufflers, tubes, hangers, and show quality tips are manufactured from beginning to end exclusively for XK8 or XKR. The featured mufflers are not crimped (like Borla systems) but welded to custom fabricated cases (Exceeding European race quality standards). This level of specificity ensures ease of install, optimal performance, durability, and safety.

Sound-wise this exhaust is suited to please all tastes. The exhaust note will be deep, aggressive, yet subtle and refined. Expect to be blown away from the uniquely European sound your engine will produce as you approach the mid to higher RPM ranges.

* System includes two rear muffler boxes (with tips) and two under-the-axle intermediate sections.

*17 HP gain at top RPM levels, and 8 HP at mid RPM levels. This is the first exhaust system designed to take into account both top and mid level RPM performance. This ensures the exhaust will perform optimally in all types of driving conditions.

** Ultra secure under the axle design and security backup hanger (exclusive to this Mina Gallery system). This exhaust system was designed by technicians that have over half a dozen under the axle performance exhaust system under their belt. There are some very important safety issues that only these experts have experience with. You can rest assured that with this Mina system all design elements have your safety as the number one priority.

*** Lifetime warrantee.

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