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Perrin Forester XT & WRX & STi Recirculating Blow Off Valve Kit BOV RECIRC BLACK
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Perrin WRX/ STi Recirculating Blow Off Valve Kit BOV Part Number: PSP-INT-600BK Application: 02+ Impreza WRX / STi / 04+ Forester (Includes XT) Inefficient factory blow off valves (BOV) can hinder boost response during shifts and can damage your expensive turbo charger. PERRIN offers several choices for owners to choose the best solution to the problem. Fully recirculated For customers that demand proper air fuel ratios and idle quality we offer a fully recirculated BOV. The internal design allows the user to change the volume of recirculated air, spring tension and sound. It also incorporates an industry leading boost chamber that does not place pressure on the piston surface that would otherwise force it to open prematurely. It will only release pressure when shifting. This condition is common with our so called competitors, leading to serious tuning issues and reduced power. Capable of handling more than 190 psi, there simply isn’t a boosted engine that our BOV can’t handle. Vent to atmosphere (VTA see PSP-INT-620) Many customers simply want the street presence of a loud phhsst when making a high rpm shift. If that sounds like you, we have your needs covered. With exclusive harmonic amplification cutouts, this valve is LOUD! Also, adjustable spring tension helps reduce rough idle and stalling found in other products. BOV Type: Standard Fully Recirculated Note: This is for the Black Perrin BOV.


The PERRIN BOV features an adjustable cap which allows you to tailor when your BOV will release. Set it up loose for a smoother release of boost at light loads and RPM. Or crank down the cap to release boost only at higher boost loads and RPMs. This feature is independent of relief volume.


Our unique design allows you to adjust the volume of air released when blowing off. This adjustment is independent of the resistance to blowing off. Venting too little can damage the turbo, venting too much air can will make the throttle less responsive.


This universal fitment has large 1.325" tube connections for easy installation. Simply disconnect the recirculatory hose and let your blow off valve vent to atmosphere on cars using speed density type ECU's (Cars with no MAF)

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