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Perrin Subaru WRX STi 6-Speed ONLY Short Shifter Shift Adapter & Bushings
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PERRIN Subaru STI 6-speed Short Shift Adapter [INCLUDES BUSHINGS]The PERRIN Performance STI Short Shifter Adapter uses a unique way of shortening your shifters throws with out replacing or cutting the length of the shift rod.The PERRIN shifter adapter makes your shifts feel solid and positive while retaining the OEM vibration dampener. The PERRIN Shifter allows for a 0%-50% reduction in shifter throw and has the quickest install time of any 6 speed shifter.The PERRIN shifter adapter is Machined from a single piece of 303 stainless steel for a lifetime of corrosion free performance. You will never see rust on your PERRIN Shifter Adapter!

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PERRIN Shifter bushings are a hard polyurethane bushing which simply replaces the OEM rubber shifter bushings. Easy install with simple hand tools. PERRIN bushings eliminate most of the sloppy feeling during quick gear changes, giving the driver a more precise feel when shifting; especially that crucial 2nd-3rd shift.

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