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Perrin EVO X Sway Bar Swaybar Kit Adjustable 25mm Rear
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Part# PEP-SUS-220

08-09 Lancer EVO X 10 including MR

The only way to make your car turn, stop, or go is if the entire tire patch is hitting the surface at hand. With soft OEM swaybars, the cars leans dramatically when cornering causing the tires contact patch to be less than optimal. They see the need for a far larger and stiffer sway bar to control this "leaning" to keep the tires contact patch planted on the road!All EVO owners will notice the increased snap from Perrin's new 25mm (1) sway bar. Theyve incorporated a variety of adjustment holes to help you custom tailor your suspension to your specific needs and driving habits. Made from solid steel and heavily powder coated to prevent the rigors of salty roads that wreck havoc with less worthy products. Included are custom spiral cut polyurethane bushings to prevent tedious re-greasing and all necessary hardware for a clean, and painless installation.Sway bar SettingsAll PERRIN swaybars comes with multiple endlink connections. This allows the end user to customize the stiffness of the bar. These 3 settings can provide 5actual different setting with crossing the endlink connections. The sway bar settings can allow for significant changes in sway bar functionality, with out having to go buy another size bar.

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