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Perrin 08-12 Subaru WRX / STi ALL Cold Air Intake SILVER CAI
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Perrin 08-up Subaru WRX / STi

V2 Cold Air Intake SILVER

Part# PSP-INT-320SL

Increase horsepower and style under your hood with a PERRIN Cold air intake system. This new 2008+ Intake was designed from the beginning to be a cold air intake. This provides much better more consistent HP and better drivability in all conditions. They also found that the stock intake does get heat soaked and causes a loss in power due to the high temps the sensor sees.Proper MAF alignment and plumbing size are crucial to maintain proper air fuel ratios and prevent nasty check engine lights and cause the car to run dangerously lean. While this is very true they have found that the new 08 MAF sensor is much different that MAF sensors in the past. With this said, it is very important to note that Perrin's intake is OK to bolt onto a stock tuned ECU vehicle. It is NOT OK to bolt onto a car with a custom tuned ECU vehicle. Because the intake does change how the car runs on a tuned map, they do offer specific PERRIN custom tuned maps for Perrin's intake. If you are already a customer of the PERRIN Custom tuned Maps, these will be provided for free if you purchased Perrin's intake.The below run is done with Perrin's existing Stage 2 tune in place. The run showing the gain in HP has the same timing curve and Air Fuel ratio as the other run. This proves the intake makes HP by being freer flowing not by changing the fuel or timing or boost for that matter. You will see consistent gains in horsepower, throttle response and fuel economy. Intake features powder coated aluminum with silicone couplers, a PERRIN Performance foam air filter, MAF sensor housing and mounting hardware.

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