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Blox Mbc Manual Boost Controller Bxac-00600 Hallman Blk
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Blox Racing Pro Manual Boost Controller kit contains Blox's Pro valve. The new Pro valve is machined out of billet aluminum and stainless steel pieces. The new design of the valve incorporates some great new features not currently available on any other manual boost controller.

The Blox MBC has a ceramic ball The ceramic ball weighs a fraction of what the stainless steel balls weighs. This weight difference allows the ceramic ball to act very quickly as it is constantly changing directions during operation. This helps to minimize spiking, particularly when used with applications that produce lower boost. The Pro valve to not require the use of a lock nut or any type or ALLEN wrench(s) to be able to adjust your boost. Simply turn the adjustment knob and it stays. Another great feature is the fact that the adjustment knob cannot be lost or come out of the valve. Simply put there is not a potential for over boosting since the adjustment knob cannot vibrate loose and come out.

The kit includes: 3 feet of vacuum line, mounting bracket, hardware packet and complete installation instructions all in one kit.

This kit has all the installation hardware that is needed for most all turbo installs.

And comes with a mounting clamp to hold the valve.

affordable and high quality item, this is what I have been waiting for
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