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Blox Tuner P1 Cams Camshaft B16A B18C B18C5
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Tuner Series - Uses OEM camshaft lobe designs, with BLOX profile specifications.

BLOX Racing Tuner Series camshafts are designed and manufactured using OEM-spec,

chill-cast camshaft cores.

Tuner Series P1 camshafts are ideal for mild to highly modified street engine builds.

Tuner Series P1 camshafts have also been proven ideal in certain turbocharged engine builds.

Upgraded valvetrain is required.

Camshaft Specifications

INTAKE: 264° / 12.6mm EXHAUST: 264° / 11.9mm

Blox camshafts offer increased horsepower and torque over the entire RPM range through various designs and profiles. All camshafts start off raw castings made using OEM sources and standards, then are manufactured using the latest software and chill-casting technologies. Each camshaft is then CNC-ground to precise tolerances and performance specifications and profiles. Blox offers Honda and Acura VTEC enthusiasts and racers different levels of performance with its Tuner Series and Competition Series camshafts. Custom (semi-blank) camshafts are also available for Honda and Acura VTEC engine builders and racers that require blank cores to grind for their own camshaft specifications and profiles.Sold as a pair - both intake and exhaust cams.

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