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Agency Power Lancer EVO VIII IX 8 9 High-Flow Fuel Rail
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Agency Power Lancer EVO VIII IX 8 9 High-Flow Fuel Rail FREE SHIPPING! 
High Quality and Performance from AP! 
 Part Number: AP-CT9A-120 
 Application: EVO VIII & IX Agency Power has released their new Mitsubishi EVO VIII and IX and MR fuel rail. This fuel rail is a direct replacement for the factory unit. The CNC machined piece is anodized in Agency Power Purple or Red. It fits with the stock fuel pressure regulator and fittings and can be set up to work with aftermarket units as well. The fuel rail also has a location to put an aftermarket fuel pressure gauge with no modification. Why is this Agency Power Fuel Rail better then stock? Well, the AP fuel rail has a wider diameter for fuel flow then stock. As well, the AP rail is designed to fit larger injectors such as Blitz, RC, and other common brands. When upgrading to a larger turbo set up or needing to upgrade your fuel system, the AP rail will accommodate your needs. While keeping stock fitment and performance when additional fuel is not needed, the fuel rail is also a great dress up piece. Available in: Purple and Red (please specify color in payment)
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