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Agency Power 08-11 Subaru WRX Sedan SS Exhaust catback
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Part No: AP-GE-170S

Agency Power has developed one of the best sounding and performing exhaust systems for the 2008 and up Subaru WRX Sedan. The new exhaust features an all T304 stainless steel piping in 3inch diameter from the cat-back. The piping is all hand polished featuring robotic TIG welding. The mid-pipe includes a resonator to assist in keeping that traditional Boxer engine sound with an exotic race tone touch that does not drone in the cabin. The ½ inch thick flanges offer a secure fit along with the factory placement exhaust hangers. The cat-back exhaust uses a high flow Y-Pipe to efficiently direct exhaust to the dual exhaust canisters. The Y-pipe features a merged collector and 2.5 inch piping on each extension to give your exhaust a combined 5 inches of exhaust flow. The straight through mufflers are designed to optimize horsepower with very little restriction. The mufflers do feature removable exhaust silencers for those wanting the ability to keep the system very quiet during daily use. The cat-back exhaust features dual 4 inch single straight exit Titanium Tips with the Agency Power logo.             As tested on a Mustang all wheel drive dyno, the Agency Power cat-back exhaust made an impressive 17 all wheel horsepower and 28ft/lbs of torque. The exhausts are available for all 2008 and up Subaru WRX Sedans. 

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