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Aerocatch Non-Locking Flush Bonnet Hood Pin Pins Latch Bottom Mounting White
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AeroCatch latches are the modern solution for securing hoods.

Made of injection molded fiber impregnated plastic with stainless

steel internal mechanisms, they are impervious to the elements and

have been proven reliable on race cars around the world.

120-2000 black top non-locking
120-2100 black top locking
125-2100 black bottom locking
120-2000-01 white top non-locking
120-2100-01 white top locking
125-2000-01 white bottom non-locking
125-2100-01 white bottom locking
120-3000 carbon fiber look top non-locking
120-3100 carbon fiber look top locking
125-3000 carbon fiber look bottom non-locking
125-3100 carbon fiber look bottom locking


black (may be painted to match car) white (may be painted to match car) carbon fiber look

Disclaimer on the carbon fiber look finish:The top surfaces of AeroCatch latches are composed of three components: the main housing with the flange, the flip-up latch, and the spring-loaded release tab. In the manufacturing process, a carbon fiber pattern film is applied to each of these three parts separately from one another. When the complete latch is assembled at the factory, there are invariably slight differences in the orientations of the "weave" patterns on each of the components. Don't expect perfection in their appearance nor expect the latch to match the appearance of a real carbon fiber hood.


top-mounting style mounts downward through the surface of the hood bottom-mounting style mounts upward from beneath the hood

With the top-mounted style, the flange overhangs and hides the edges of the hole that you must cut in the hood, so the shape of the hole you cut can be less than perfect. The bottom-mounted style leaves an exposed hole edge and thus requires more precision when cutting the hood for an attractive installation. Hole templates are included with all kits.


non-locking locking

The locking versions of each style offer deterrence against vandals who may be interested in the valuable performance upgrades under your hood. The keys are unique to each kit and both latches in each kit are keyed to match. Four keys are included with each locking kit.


(2) AeroCatch latches (4) keys (locking kits only) (2) sets of red anodized aluminum threaded pins, silver zinc-plated jam nuts, black rubber bump stops (12) sets of 4mm black steel flat head Allen socket screws, silver zinc-plated Nylock nuts, and washers (1) Allen wrench a template to guide you in cutting holes in your car's hood

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