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86-92 Supra 7MGTE Mk3 Turbo Intercooler Downpipe Kit
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CXRACING Stock Turbo + Intercooler + Downpipe
Upgrade Hardware Kit
for 86-92 Toyota Supra MK3 with 7MGTE Turbo Engine

Bolt On Fit, CXRACING's NEWLY Released Turbo kit, Fully Tested.

This turbo is an Upgrade to Stock CT26 Turbo, but Keeps the Stock Manifold and Stock MAF, bolt on Upgrade,  Good for 350~400 HP.

This kit is very simple and easy to install, almost no need to relocate any other parts, Bolt on fitment. It is the best Solution to upgrade your Supra without doing major changes.

We do offer another Aftermarket Turbo upgrade kit that support bigger HP, check our other product listings

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Newly Developed and New Design, Bolts on fitment to MK3

Keeps Stock Manifold

Bolt on Upgrade of Turbo, Turbo Elbow pipe, Downpipe, Intercooler, Piping, and BOV.

Instant ~ 30 to 50 HP gain without tuning. 100 to 150 HP gain with Tuning and Fuel System upgrade

Comes with Aluminum Bracket, Secure,  Nice and Professional Looking.

Keeps Bumper Support

High Performance Bar and Plate intercooler

High Quality Silicon hoses and Stainless T-Blot Clamps

With BOV flange welded, comes with BOV

This Kit Replaces the Following Stock Parts

Upgrade Stock CT26 to T61 Turbo, keeps same Exhaust Housing Bolts Pattern.

Upgrade Stock Cast Turbo Elbow Pipe with Stainless Elbow pipe, 3". A lot more Better Flow.

Upgrade Stock Downpipe to 3" Stainless Downpipe

Completely replaced Stock Intercooler and piping with High Performance Bar and Plate Intercooler and 2.5" Aluminum Piping kit, Bolt on fit.

Item(s) Included in this product:

Front Mount Intercooler, 3" Core, with Aluminum Mounting Bracket

T6 Turbo, with Internal Wategate, 8 PSI.

2.5" Aluminum Piping kit, with Silicon Hoses and T-Bolt Clamps

3" Turbo Elbow Pipe

3" Downpipe

Blow Off Valve

Oil Line Kit

  Seth W.  -   Intercooler Piping Kit + BOV SR20DET 89-94 240SX S13   (Dallas, PA)
Easy to install. Highly recommended
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