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Turbo Kit Nissan 240SX S13 S14 SR20DET T04E Top Mount 89-98
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CXRACING Top Mount T04E Turbo Kit for

89-99 Nissan 240SX S13 S14 Chassis with S13 S14 SR20DET Engine Swap

(This Kit Fits S13 and S14 SR20DET motor, Intercooler kit is NOT Included.
 Due to Throttle Body is different between S13 and S14 SR Engines, Intercooler kits are slightly different between S13 and S14 SR Motors, We do Offer both S13 and S14 SR20DET FMIC kit too, check our Listing)

This is one of CXRACING's Newest Turbo Kits. Bolt on the fitment with Stainless Steel Manifold and Downpipe.

It supports 200 to 350 HP, Depends on Fuel System and Tuning

This kit was Developed from Scratch in US and Fully Tested. See below Project Car. It is very easy to install, have big HP.

Many Other SR20DET kits have fitment issues and not clear Mater Break Lines. This kit totally overcomes these issue and fits perfectly. Manifold also Supports T4 Turbo Flange, upgradable to bigger turbo (we have lowered the Manifold and spared room for T4 turbo)

This Kit fits both S13 and S14 Chassis with S13 S14 SR20DET engine. Intercooler kit is NOT Included.

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Completely Redesigned Manifold, has lots of clearance for Mater Break Line. 

Turbo sits lower, forwarded, and Angled, Much better placement with all other parts.

304 Stainless Steel Manifold, Equal Length Runner,  High Flow Exhaust Design

3" Downpipe (2 pcs), Connects  3" Catback System.

T04E Turbo, Fast Spool, big Power.

External 38mm Wategate, with 8PSI default. Can be upgraded to Higher Boost Wastegate

Big FM Intercooler kit. Cools Air Efficiently.

Fitment is Fully Tested, Fitment very Well, not hitting other Parts.

T04E  Turbo:

Inlet 3"

Outlet 2"

Bearing Wet Floating Bearings

Oil Inlet 1/8 NPT Oil Inlet

Flange Standard T3/T4 Flange,

HP 200-300 WHP

Working Pressure: 5~20 PSI

Compressor .50  A/R Compressor

Turbine .63 A/R Turbine

Compressor Wheel Exducer: 3"

Turbine Wheel Exducer: 2.2"

Hot Side 5 Bolt Standard Hot Side

Item(s) Included in this product:

T04E  Turbo

Stainless Steel manifold

3" Downpipe, 2 pcs.

38mm 8 PSI Wastegate

Oil Feeding line kit, Turbo Water pipes (Need Connecting hoses to block, not included, but can be purchased at any auto part store, very cheap, a few Dallors)

Free Boost Gauge

Downloadable Installation Guide (only to Customers)

We also Offer other Different Versions of the Turbo kit and other Performance Products for 1G, Check our Store or  other Listings:

Same Kit with T04E Ball Bearing Turbo Upgrade

S13 3" Catback System (S13 only)

S13 intercooler kit, S14 Intercooler kit

Aluminum Racing Radiator, Fan Shroud and Fans

Notes :

For the T04E Turbo kit, make sure Engine is Built to handle big Power. Upgraded Clutch is highly Recommended too.

Recommended Injector, 400 to 550CC.

This turbo kit can be easily tuned with many other popular tuning kit/ECU for 240SX. 

Off Road Use ONLY

  Seth W.  -   Intercooler Piping Kit + BOV SR20DET 89-94 240SX S13   (Dallas, PA)
Easy to install. Highly recommended
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