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30.75X11.75X3 Universal Intercooler Piping Black
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2.0mm Thickness Aluminum Pipe, Mandrel Bent, Polished. High Quality.

Tube and Fin Intercooler, Light and Efficient.

Works for Many DIY or Universal Setup Applications.

Item(s) Included in this product:

Intercooler x1

3" Polished Aluminum Pipe
45 Degree Aluminum Pipe x2
90 Degree Aluminum Pipe x2
Straight Aluminum Pipe x2
U-Bend Aluminum Pipe x2

3" Straight Silicon Hose (BLACK)x6

3" 90 Degree Hose (BLACK)x2

3" Stainless Steel T-Clamp x16

We have the Best Quality Piping kit on the Market

All Pipes are 2mm Thick, Better Quality than other thin ones. Other Thinner Pipes won't survive welding.

Each Pipe has Rolled Edge Inlets (Except J pipe).

Each pipe is 18" long.

Each Pipe is Individually Warped with Protection.

All Hoses are 3 Layer Enforced Silicon Hoses.

All Clamps are Stainless T-Clamps.

  Seth W.  -   Intercooler Piping Kit + BOV SR20DET 89-94 240SX S13   (Dallas, PA)
Easy to install. Highly recommended
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