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Megan Racing Carbon Fiber Bucket Seat - Red w/ Black Carbon
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This product fits on: Universal About this Product: During competition a driver must be properly supported at all times. This is to ensure a reduction in driver fatigue caused by the arms and legs needing to support the driver during turns and more importantly safety during an impact or collision.Megan Racing recognizes the importance of safety and support in any form of competition and spirited driving on the street. Because of this, we have unveiled our Competition Spec Bucket Seat which supports the driver and keeps him/her in proper position for driving while remaining comfortable and allowing full movement of appendages.Constructed of real 100% Carbon Fiber which has the characteristics of being lighter than aluminum and stronger than steel; the very same material used in the NASA Space Shuttle, F-111 Stealth Fighter and B-2 Stealth Bomber. This seat will give you all the performance and safety you require while shedding pounds from your chassis to give you a lighter vehicle that adds to your speed and agility.Allows use of 5-Point Harness. Lightweight construction and extremely durable. Reduces driver fatigue.

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As all consumers know, the physical aspect of a product is just as important as how it performs. With this in mind, the Megan Racing develops their products with both equality in performance and design, so that its customers can proudly show off our products without worrying about “all show and no go.

Building and tuning cars can be an expensive hobby and with that in mind Megan Racing has done everything possible to keep our pricing as low as possible without sacrificing quality or performance, As time goes on, Megan Racing will continue to produce newer, stronger, but still affordable performance parts for the customer to build cars with. Megan Racing strives to stay ahead of the competition with new products for our customers while providing the top notch customer service and leading edge automotive performance.

  Andrew P.  -   Megan Racing Street LP Series Coilover Damper Kits-01-05 IS300   (gettysburg, PA)
good coilover kit for my IS, significantly improved the handling on cornering and not too stiff for daily use. highly recommended.
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