Do you hate conformity? Are you sick of wearing the same kind of clothes that are being worn by others? Are you tired of having the same cell phone other people have as well? Do you want something different and something new other than your regular fries and burgers? Everyone does. People love to do things which can make them feel different and special. Why should you have a unique and different vehicle? Simple, having a unique vehicle, tailored to your kind of personality, can help you with self expression making your vehicle an extension of your personality. Self expression through cars can be made possible with body kits.


With body kits you can perform alterations to your vehicle’s external surface. The usual pieces included in a body kit are front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, and spoilers. Apart from these parts, you can also find body kits that are more tailored to other parts of your vehicle. If you have a Lexus GS400, a GS400 body kit is known to be one of the best methods in customizing your Lexus to make it look unique. After a GS400 body kit treatment, it is sure that your vehicle will look as if Lexus did not touch it. Instead, the kit will make it seem that that you were your own designer. Do not be fooled into thinking that body kits are only for aesthetic purposes because it certainly is not. A GS400 body kit or any other body kit for that matter can also improve the speed and performance of your Lexus through aerodynamics.


Body kits are usually composed of two kinds of material: urethane and fiberglass. Polyurethane is usually better because it is highly resistant to damage and can stand severe weather conditions as well as badly constructed roads. One advantage of a fiberglass though is that it be can repaired if it is damaged. Polyurethane GS400 body kits cannot be repaired once damaged. Some people also think that fiberglass better fits their vehicles.


GS400 Body kits can be easily found. The hard part is actually making the choices that you want. Once you are done choosing the parts that you need, the work begins. It is a highly recommended approach that you contact a trusted auto parts dealer to assist you with any concerns you have in choosing the right kit.


ILoveBodyKits was created not to just provide excellent products to high clientele, but also to create a more personal relationship between the company and the consumer. Their knowledgeable staff will make the time to build a personal relationship with each customer so that all your requests and questions can be answered. Their representatives will help set up a ideal plan that will best fit our clienteles project. Companies who choose to open a business account with them will be provided with a personal representative of ILoveBodyKits who will help set up the account, and help with your every need in getting your order quickly and promptly.

Vis Racing 06-07 Lexus GS300/430 OEM Carbon Fiber Hood
MSRP Price: $ 600.00
Our Price: $ 577.00
Free Shipping
Vis Racing 98-03 Lexus GS300/400 4dr OEM Style Carbon Fiber Hood
MSRP Price: $ 704.00
Our Price: $ 646.68
Free Shipping
Vis Racing 98-03 Lexus GS 300 4d V Line Carbon Fiber Hood
MSRP Price: $ 900.00
Our Price: $ 778.00
Free Shipping
Vizage 98-04 Lexus GS Series 4 Piece Lip Spoiler Kit Type A. (FR
MSRP Price: $ 1226.48
Our Price: $ 970.97
Free Shipping
Vizage 98-04 Lexus GS Series Front Under Spoiler Type A. (FRP)
MSRP Price: $ 556.54
Our Price: $ 440.60
Free Shipping
Vizage 98-04 Lexus GS Series Side Skirts(Pair) Type A. (FRP)
MSRP Price: $ 539.53
Our Price: $ 427.13
Free Shipping
Vizage 98-04 Lexus GS Series Rear Under Spoiler Type A. (FRP)
MSRP Price: $ 516.22
Our Price: $ 408.68
Free Shipping
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