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Body kits are not only for car racers. It is also for people who have creative spirits, fashioning their cars, according to their creativity and according to their personality.


                        As exterior modifications for your car, body kits can make your vehicle look cooler and more noticeable. Aside from that, body kits also enhance the aerodynamics of your vehicle by boosting its speed and performance. If you have a Hummer H2 body kits and you want to modify your H2, you can by all means use body kits.


                        It is not at all hard to look for an H2 body kit. One option for you is to look around your neighborhood and see which body shops offer it. If it happens that all the auto body shops in your area do not offer it, then the next best thing you can do is to just purchase and look for an H2 body kit online. Remember though that the online world is not safe just like the real world. Because you can now shop using the internet and because our economy do not improve, many people, out of desperation, are now scam artists. Be careful of scam artists who are always willing to do anything just to get your money. Be very careful of them. Actually, one way to protect yourself from them is to make certain that the online shop you will deal with is reliable and has a very good clientele. If they have a very good clientele, make certain that you verify their feedbacks as well as their testimonials. Also, better if you check with Better Business Bureau their legitimacy. BBB protects consumers by making sure all the companies, online or not, are legitimate and are always performing well. You are safe with a company that has a BBB seal because rest assured BBB is always checking and closely monitoring their dealings and customer feedbacks. According to BBB, thy ensure that high standards for trust are set and maintained. They exist so consumers and businesses alike have an unbiased source to guide them on matters of trust. They provide educational information and expert advice that is free of charge and easily accessible to those who want a secured transaction online. Aside from BBB, you can also phone Consumers Advocates and see if the online body kit shop you want to deal with has any reported misconduct. Consumer Advocates can tell you if you should avoid that company or continue to deal with it.


                        After ensuring yourself that body kit shop you are about to deal with is reputable, then the next step is to know which type of kit are you going to purchase. There are basically three types: lip, bumper replacement and wide body. Depending on the modification you will do and depending on your own creativity, you have the option to buy all three or buy just one. Aside from the types, you also need to decide which kind of H2 body kits is for you. Is it the urethane kit or the fiberglass? Urethane H2 body kit is for you if you are in an area where the weather condition is harsh and the roads are bumpy. If, on the other hand, you live somewhere calm with roads that well built then fiberglass is for you. It is important that you all know these tips so as to make sure you are going to make an informed decision.


Injen Power-Flow Air Intake System 03-06 H2 6.0L V8
MSRP Price: $ 519.65
Our Price: $ 415.72
Free Shipping
Bomz Racing Truck Air Intake System- 03-06 Hummer H2 V8
MSRP Price: $ 150.00
Our Price: $ 135.00
KGS Racing Hummer H2 03-06  Black Full LED Version Tail Lights
MSRP Price: $ 475.00
Our Price: $ 300.00
Free Shipping
Vertical Doors Kit-2003-2008 Hummer H2
MSRP Price: $ 2795.00
Our Price: $ 1677.00
Free Shipping
Veilside 03-07 H2 Front Protector (FRP)
MSRP Price: $ 2432.00
Our Price: $ 2128.00
Veilside 03-07 H2 Front Protector (Carbon)
MSRP Price: $ 4960.00
Our Price: $ 4340.00
Veilside 03-07 H2 Rear Protector (FRP)
MSRP Price: $ 2128.00
Our Price: $ 1862.00
Veilside 03-07 H2 Rear Protector (Carbon)
MSRP Price: $ 3456.00
Our Price: $ 3024.00
01-05 Hummer H2 Euro Tail Lights - Chrome
MSRP Price: $ 222.00
Our Price: $ 181.39
Free Shipping
Grillcraft 03-07 Hummer H2 Grille Upper
MSRP Price: $ 296.33
Our Price: $ 281.51 Business Hour: Mon - Fri 9AM - 5PM Sat,Sun Closed
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