2008 Chrysler 300 Body Kits

2008 Klasse Tuning Chrysler 300 Body Kits

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Klasse 05-08 Chrysler 300 FAB Body Kit 4 Pc
Klasse 05-08 Chrysler 300 FAB Body Kit 4 Pc

Fits - 2008 Chrysler 300

Klasse tuning aero products are made with high quality FRP material. Black glossy finishDiamond cut grille included (if applicable)
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2008 Klasse Tuning Chrysler 300 body kits are custom exterior accessories that can be used to revise and rejuvenate a ride’s appearance. After years of usage, the exterior parts on many vehicles starts to look old and, frankly, ugly. Any damage to a vehicle’s paint or to the exterior components themselves can lower a car’s market value, making the use of body kits is just that important. A aerodynamic kits can transform a car look prettier, without changing any of the actual mechanics of the automobile.

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Some aftermarket 2008 Klasse Tuning Chrysler 300 body kits upgrades come with replacements for several exterior parts, ground effects and side add ons. These are the places of a car that are often damaged from daily driving, but they aren’t the only parts that can be easily fixed. Other aftermarket exterior parts can be used to upgrade a car’s appearance, so 2008 Klasse Tuning Chrysler 300 body kits can often be special ordered to a driver’s specific needs. For an improved appearance that takes off the poor appearance resulting from years of usage, a simple body kits can make you smile.

  BerettaM9  -  (Kinney, TX)
If you have a newer vehicle, especially European, you have to spend a little extra money on one of these CANBUS kits. Ive been through several other types of HID kits and my lights would flicker, or one side wouldnt turn on, and I would get the warning light on my dash. As soon as I installed this kit, my problems were gone. I'm very happy with this kit - MUCH brighter than any of the other kits Id previously purchased.
  June W.  -  (Kenbridge, VA)
bumper came ready to install. professional installation is advised but it was very easy to do. had to drill my own license plates holes but other than that great shipping and easy going customer service. highly reccommended, will refer, and i will return to shop
  Philip C.  -  (Saltville, VA)
Great looking quick release hub- look much better than my old gen 1.5.
  Roland S.  -  (Beaumont, TX)
Absolutely worth every penny with the purchase. I love the look of my car with this lip installed.
  Henry F.  -  (Aurora, CO)
Car looks much better with this Stech Spring. The ride feels much better than stock
  Erwin Y.  -  (Kent, WA)
body shop said this is one of the best wide body kit in the market. It fits good without much modifications.

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