1988 Volkswagen Passat Exterior

1988 Volkswagen Passat Exterior Parts, 1988 Volkswagen Passat Exterior Accessories

Thank you for shopping at Ilovebodykits.com, we are specialized in 1988 Volkswagen Passat exterior parts and 1988 Volkswagen Passat accessories for over 500 application of vehicles. At ILB, you can get high quality 1988 Volkswagen Passat parts at amazing low prices. Please join our facebook to receive the newest 1988 Volkswagen Passat parts update and promotional offers.

We are constantly updating the newest & hottest products to our shopping catalog. Our specialties are Volkswagen Passat body kits, 1988 Volkswagen Passat carbon fiber hoods, 1988 Volkswagen Passat projector headlights, altezza taillights, trunk spoilers, 1988 Volkswagen Passat M3 mirrors, window louvers, 1988 Volkswagen Passat hood scoops and 1988 Volkswagen Passat hood grilles. A full 1988 Volkswagen Passat body kits usually included 4 pieces, 1 1988 Volkswagen Passat front bumper, 1 1988 Volkswagen Passat rear bumper and 1 pair of 1988 Volkswagen Passat side skirts. Our 1988 Volkswagen Passat carbon fiber hoods are made with high grade carbon fiber which is a great way to convert with your car with a race look without professional installation required such as 1988 Volkswagen Passat body kits. The other easy installation products are 1988 Volkswagen Passat projector headlights and 1988 Volkswagen Passat euro tail lights.

  Francis M.  -  (Fairfax, CA)
I like the headlight I have trouble to do the wiring for the halo. The manufacturer should include the instruction with the purchase
  Jadon  -  (Phoenix,arizona)
Great product, very smooth unlike some bodykits, my body guy was amazed on the product said will have it done sooner than thought, I did tho however have to drill 2 holes where the side markers go, but easy enough, everything else matched up and fit perfect to all the body lines very easy do it yourself. Amazing kit very pleased
  John O.  -  (Orlando, Florida)
The exhaust sound really good. Installation is straight forward. Thanks
  DeltaRomeo  -  (Bristol, CT)
It only took a few days for the lights to arrive, a few minutes to install, and a split second to turn night into day. Very pleased.
  Jose G.  -  (Austin, TX)
The fitment is great, the finish is not as good but its all good after prep work. Still a good purchase overall.
  Debra A.  -  (Ordway, CO)
gift for my husband and he loves it. I will definitely shop again. good customer support

43 reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars

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