BMW 6 Series (E63) Brake Rotors

BMW 6 Series (E63) Brake Rotors

Malfunctioning BMW 6 Series (E63) brake rotors should be replaced immediately, and for good reason. Though most attention is directed towards the regular replacement of brake pads, brake rotors (or brake discs) are just as critical to maintain. BMW 6 Series (E63) brake discs are the components that brake pads latch onto and use friction to slow down a car’s momentum. Any damage to these rotors can make a vehicle’s brakes hesitate, or worse yet, not perform effectively at all.

BMW 6 Series (E63) performance brake rotors are aftermarket replacements that can be used to upgrade from ineffective brake discs. High performance rotors provide a friction-ready surface that makes it easy for the brake pads to grab onto. Sometimes, rotors are also replaced primarily for appearance reasons, and upgrades like 6 Series (E63) cross drilled rotors can be more visually friendly when they show through the rims or the underside of the vehicle.

BMW 6 Series (E63) brake rotors
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  Timothy G.  -  (Fort Plain, NY)
Best combo deal for my accord. the installation is very straight forward..Just a pain to take down my stock exhaust & header since its so rusted. I enjoy the sound and noticeable improvement in response.
  Henry F.  -  (Aurora, CO)
Car looks much better with this Stech Spring. The ride feels much better than stock
  Alex B.  -  (Stone Mountain,georg)
Shipped fast, packaged well, wasn't a single crack or scratch on the bumper.
  Stephanie  -  (TN)
WOW.. people high beam me all the time because they think I got the brights on.. haha.. super bright!  -  (Seattle, WA)
Didnt pay attention to the listing.. thought it was authentic. Even though I received my RMA number I ended up deciding to keep the steering wheel. Its actually pretty nice and stronger than expected for a China steering wheel.
  Jack D.  -  (Austin, TX)
my car sounds aggressive with this exhaust n i felt the acceleration is smoother n more power when the vtec kicks

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