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  Injen Ford Windstar Mufflers are often seen as parts of secondary importance. After all, the amount of noise an Injen Ford Windstar exhaust system makes isn’t exactly a worrisome feature that needs to be taken care of as quickly as a faulty brake pad or outdated Injen Ford Windstar catalytic converter. But the right Injen Ford Windstar universal muffler can make driving around more pleasurable, as noisy, undiluted Injen Ford Windstar exhaust sound can be excruciatingly loud, loud enough even to make a short drive turn into one giant headache.

An aftermarket Injen Ford Windstar performance muffler can reduce the noise an engine exhaust produces by several factors. Those who revel in quiet rides and who want to focus on the road ahead are less distracted when the right Injen Ford Windstar muffler has been installed. Some drivers, however, like to fine-tune the level of their Injen Ford Windstar exhaust’s sound, so that it’s somewhere in between unbearably loud and far too quiet. For these drivers, custom Injen Ford Windstar racing mufflers will work best. For everyone else, a simple universal muffler replacement should do just fine.

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  Krystel W.  -  (Bemidji, MN)
love the hood, looks great, took less than an hour to install.
  June W.  -  (Kenbridge, VA)
bumper came ready to install. professional installation is advised but it was very easy to do. had to drill my own license plates holes but other than that great shipping and easy going customer service. highly reccommended, will refer, and i will return to shop
  Erik L.  -  (Tulsa, OK)
I didn't give them 5 star cuz the shipping time took a bit long. The quality is 5 star
  John O.  -  (Orlando, Florida)
The exhaust sound really good. Installation is straight forward. Thanks
  Zachary P.  -  (Kenna, WV)
I was looking for affordable seat cover set. This is the one ! The fits great on my car and the material is good. I like it alot. Thank you Ilovebodykits
  Alex H  -  (Everett, WA)
I bought my 94 civic cat back and it works good for me. I am not sure if my car is going faster now but it sounded darn good

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