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An exhaust manifold essentially serves as a routing system for emissions gases leaving the engine bay. The BMW 6 Series (E64) manifold directs the exhaust away from the vehicle’s working components and out the rear of the c ar, through the BMW 6 Series (E64) exhaust pipe. Though sufficient, this is certainly not optimal. BMW 6 Series (E64)Back pressure caused by conventional exhaust manifolds means the manifold itself requires energy to function effectively. With a BMW 6 Series (E64) exhaust header, much of this problem can be sidestepped.

BMW 6 Series (E64) exhaust headers amount to what are smaller versions of exhaust pipes working in coordination with one another. Each 6 Series (E64) exhaust header directs gases away from its corresponding cylinder and enables exhaust regulation that doesn’t result in the same back force that expends so much energy with traditional manifold setups. For those drivers who want a more efficient vehicle with less troublesome exhaust, a BMW 6 Series (E64) aftermarket exhaust header will serve them well.

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  Joe W.  -  (Fremont, CA)
Great kit! Very good prices
  Jadon  -  (Phoenix,arizona)
Great product, very smooth unlike some bodykits, my body guy was amazed on the product said will have it done sooner than thought, I did tho however have to drill 2 holes where the side markers go, but easy enough, everything else matched up and fit perfect to all the body lines very easy do it yourself. Amazing kit very pleased
  Chris. D  -  (Columbus, GA)
Good product & service. light works excellent.
  Grace, L  -  (Grand Pass, MO)
nice product
  Nikki H.  -  (Issaquah, WA)
This is what I have been waiting for. good product with good price
  Joshua B.  -  (Coon Rapids, MN)
fast shipping and good product. fitment is 8/10

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