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Buick Regal Hood is not just used to protect the engine component from the unforeseen flying object on the road, it can also be functional to bring more air into your engine bay. Custom Buick Regal Hood is introduced to fulfill both safety and styling purpose for your Buick Regal vehicle . Buick Regal Hood is available in both carbon fiber and fiberglass (FRP) material, If you like your Buick Regal car to be able to stand out from other stock Buick Regal cars out there, you can consider getting the Buick Regal carbon fiber hood. These Buick Regal hoods are made with high grade material to insure you the best finish for your beloved Buick Regal car.


Buick Regal Carbon fiber hood trend started from mid 1990's in Japan, it was used for weight reduction of the vehicle for racers to achieve better time and performance. It was brought to US market in late 1990's and became one of the most popular modifications for racing enthusiasts. As we seen in the market today, Regal carbon fiber hoods have becoming a fashion trend because of its uniqueness and it provides a "racer look" to an everyday ride.

Seibon Buick Regal Carbon Fiber Hoods Buick Regal Carbon Fiber Hoods Buick Regal Carbon Fiber Hoods Buick Regal Carbon Fiber Hoods

There are 2 types of Buick Regal carbon fiber hood for Buick Regal available in the market, the first type of Buick Regal hood is made with 100% carbon fiber sheet, it is extremely light weight for race-use only therefore it's not popular and not recommended to install on the street cars.

The second type of hood for Buick Regal is made as carbon fiber face with fiberglass (FRP) skeleton which is mainly what is offered by most of the shops. It is not 100% made with carbon fiber only to increase the durability and structure strength therefore it weights much heavier than the true Buick Regal carbon fiber hood.

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Ram air hood and Regal cowl induction hood are both very popular modification. It is engineered to bring in more air into the engine bay for cooling and creating down-force to increase the handling of the vehicle.We carry a huge selection of Seibon Buick Regal carbon fiber hoods, Vis Racing Buick Regal Hood,Buick Regal carbon fiber hoods and much more. We are also specialized in Mustang hood, Civic hood, Camaro hood, Accord carbon fiber hood.

Seibon Carbon Fiber Hoods Seibon Carbon Fiber Hoods Seibon Carbon Fiber Hoods Seibon Carbon Fiber Hoods


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  AL Z.  -  (Norwood, CO)
Got the duraflex hood for my Corvette, I like it. Good seller
  drew  -  (San Francisco,califo)
great coils, ive had mine on full stiffness since ive bought them which was about 8 months ago and there still solid, highly recommend these
  Roland S.  -  (Beaumont, TX)
Absolutely worth every penny with the purchase. I love the look of my car with this lip installed.
  Robert M.  -  (Aurora, CO)
This bodykit is awesome. It is worth every dime that i ve spent. Fitment & quality is good.
  Richard H.  -  (Las Vegas, NV)
this is exactly what ive been looking for. fast shipping
  Alex B.  -  (Stone Mountain,georg)
Shipped fast, packaged well, wasn't a single crack or scratch on the bumper.

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